MS CRM 4.0 Certification

Just managed after two pretty intensive days to get through the Microsoft CRM 4.0 Installation and Deployment exam. It was very much as I recall other MS exams – short questions and mostly single answer multiple choice. It is worth being aware that there seemed to be a number of errors in the exam – for example – one of the form ‘each correct answer forms part of the solution’, with the only option being a radio button. If you find yourself presented with something like this it is worth commenting the question as, rumour has it, that there might be a bit of give on borderline fails that have commented any obvious howlers.


If you are about to take this exam please feel free to ask while it is fresh in my mind.


Tomorrow, I’m taking the Applications exam. By all accounts this one is a lot worse with very few people getting through – I gather this one may be revised.



5 Responses to “MS CRM 4.0 Certification”

  1. liam106 Says:

    OK – I took the exam yesterday, failed – 56%. There were 14 of us including a few people who would consider themselves experts on the product. Results ranged between low forties and 68%

    A few of us did an intensive revision last night and are going to retake this morning.

  2. liam106 Says:

    Just taken the exam again and PASSED – not going to post anything here but happy to discuss via email.

  3. ARK Says:


    I also want to take the CRM certification exam. Can you please provide me some helps on number of exams and the exam content.

    Thanks in advance,

  4. Sam Says:

    Can anybody suggest what are the Certifications that has to be taken for MSCRM 4.0? and the materials to get prepared for it…

  5. Sam Says:

    Where do we get the Certification materials?

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