I run an IT support company based in Central London. We have been going (in one form or another) for five years and have clients throughout the UK – mostly in London. We specialise in companies with up to about 75 staff and have put together a fully comprehensive support package that has proven to be ideal for clients of this type.

I am very interested in networking with other people in the same marketplace both with a view to forming relationships and alliances and, where we are in exactly the same business, with a view to swapping notes. Lately we have been expanding beyond core IT support in two directions – Customer Relationship Managment (based on MS CRM 3.0) and high end home entertainment and multimedia systems based on MS Home Server, Vista and X Box.

In terms of my personal life – I live in North London with my two kids, I am currently single (or resting between engagements). I enjoy digital photography and have a long term interest in looking at the possibilities of an alternative career (after I have made my fortune in IT) in photography. I am learning Spanish – pretty much at intermediate level these days and I am determined to manage the Crouch End 10k run when it comes around again in a few months.

If any of the above is of interest or it looks like I might be of help to you please drop me a line – I’m keen to make new contacts.


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